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Join Us for SCSM's 2nd Annual Gala

We are honored and excited to celebrate Space Coast Seafarers Ministry's 2nd Annual Gala and invite you to be a special part of this grand evening. Thank you to all of our 2014 sponsors for making our first ever annual Space Coast Seafarers Gala a huge success! Once again, you can expect a wonderfully elegant venue with a delicious seated dinner, live entertainment, and special guest speaker actor, comedian, preacher, Dr. Dennis Swanberg, "Minister of Encouragement." Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.


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First Baptist Church of Mims
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Measuring Seafarer Happiness

Anneley Pickles Head of Business Development at Crewtoo wrote the following: The Crewtoo Seafarers Happiness Index is designed to be part of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness about crews' opinions and to assist with the continual improvement of conditions onboard to retain and recruit seafarers. We believe that satisfied, well fed, fit, and engaged seafarers are vital to the present and future of the industry. Happy people stick around, happy people work well, they embrace challenges, they look to excel and share with others. In short, happiness matters and it needs to be measured, assessed, and understood. The lessons then need to be applied to ensure that we are looking after seafarers properly and responding to their wants and needs. We want to be able to help those ashore understand seafarers, their life, the challenges faced and the effect they have. With the Seafarers Happiness Index, seafarers have a chance to get their voice heard. As the data grows, as we develop trends and can analyse the statistics – then we can understand what is happening. We can then use this to support a drive for positive change. Without seafarers' input, support, guidance and thoughts – nothing is going to evolve, improve or change. We need your help to encourage seafarers to get their views hears – anonymously. So please encourage seafarers to take a few minutes to share their view. In return we promise to make the shipping industry aware of what is happening, of the successes which they need to make more of, and the problems that need to be addressed. If we can ensure that seafarers share what they think and feel, then we can make the right people aware and care. It is up to you, it's up to seafarers, as we can't do it alone. To complete the Happiness Index today, and then on an ongoing basis every couple of months. Simply ask your seafarers to visit the below link to complete today :"