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This website has been in the making for a long time and it is our hope that it will be a blessing to seafarers, volunteers, and anyone interested in what we do as a ministry to those who come to Port Canaveral as workers on cruise or cargo ships. Not only can this website inform viewers on what we do, who we serve, but it is also a resource for spiritual resources that can help anyone searching for truth.

We hope that you will explore the entire site to discover all that it has to offer. Several of the scrolling pictures are hotlinked to the story behind them. If you see a picture that seems of interest, but you are not sure about what it is about, try clicking on it. We are testing several things, so please help us by letting us know when there is a problem with a link or something that does not display properly. Thanks in advance for your help. You can use the contact menu to communicate with us via email or phone. We look forward to hearing from you.


United Launch Alliance Gives Matching Time Grant to Seafarer Ministry

The United Launch Alliance blessed the Space Coast Seafarers Ministry with a $500 matching time grant based on the time given by one of our volunteers, Stephen Seaman. Stephen and Sharon have been faithful volunteers and it is wonderful that his employeer has gone the extra mile in recognizing Stephen's efforts as a volunteer here at the ministry. We appreciate all of our volunteers and how God continues to provide for his work here at Port Canaveral.

The Space Coast Seafarers Ministry held its first Jesus Film Party on July 6, 2012 on a cargo ship named the Pacific. Mrs. Patty Coleman led the team since she had seen it done through the International Seafarer's Center at Pascagoula, Mississippi, USA. Ironically, one of the seafarers recognized her from there. Read more